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Konu: Is there any app for reading the Quran?

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    Is there any app for reading the Quran?

    Holy Quran App

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    - There is one app that is dedicated to all Islamic—WeSalam. They say that their mission is to help Muslims all over the world to fulfil their faith with Islamic rituals through a well-informed, accessible and safe platform.
    - You can read the Quran with a whole new Quran Reading experience on their app platforms. You can browse the Quran by Surah or Juz and match the reading display with your reading preferences. You can customize the verses’ font size, colours and display to match them with your reading preferences.
    - What more? You can even start your own Quran Reading Plan and track your reading progress to complete it on time.
    - You can bookmark the pages you reach to keep track of your recitation. You can also quote your favourite verses and share them among your family and friends.
    - Basically, WeSalam has put technology to use for easily practising Islam. You can use this app for planning to go on Hajj & Umrah and also to strengthen your faith on a daily basis.

    You can download the App :

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